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Lifecell One

What is Lifecell One Service?
You can make and receive calls in the direction of Turkey with your individual Turkcell number that you add to the BiP application in very advantageous price. With this service, you can use your foreign number and Turkcell number together on the same phone. Also, your number never closes as there is no loading during your service subscription. Thus, you will keep your Turkcell number.
Does Lifecell One service require my SIM card to be inserted in my phone?
No. For your safety, you only need once a phone with your SIM card inserted. Once the OTP sent to your application is entered into the application, no more sim cards are needed to use the service.
My number is corporate. Can I add this number to BiP application as 2nd number?
No. Our service currently supports only Turkcell Individual numbers.
Does my domestic package, prepaid or postpaid, also apply to Lifecell One Service?
No. Lifecell One service is independent of the packages or campaigns of your current number. You must choose one of the most suitable packages within the application so that you can make call and take advantage of our special offers.
Is there a subscription fee for the service?
You can use this service by selecting one of the most suitable packages within the application. You can find the package prices in the channel.
Is it required to have BiP installed on the other side in order to make call?
No. You can call all numbers both mobile and fixed, even the other side does not have the BiP application installed.
Which number should I use while downloading the BiP application to use Lifecell One service?
You need to download BiP with your main number, registered outside Turkey. After downloading, you can add your Turkcell number to BiP application.
Does it receive a signal if I plug my sim card of 2nd number into a different phone during the time I use the service?
No. During the time you use Lifecell One, your sim card will not work even if it is on a different phone. You can deactivate the service at any time from the settings section on the BiP and activate it in a similar way. After deactivation, the phone will start to receive a signal again when your sim card is inserted.
Will I get SMS when I add my 2nd number to Lifecell One Service?
No, SMS reception is not available for now. We continue our efforts to provide SMS competence to the service. You can use the rich and fun messaging service offered by BiP free up to that time.
Will I get OTP messages?
No, OTP messages will not be delivered.
Do I need to have a foreign GSM number to use the service?
Yes. The service is based on the foreign GSM number.
Will I continue to use my package that is defined previously belonging to the second number, when I deactivate the service in BiP during my visit to Turkey and insert my SIM Card to the phone?
Yes. If you deactivate the Lifecell One service, the network signal is directed to your physical SIM card. You can continue to use all of your packages that you have previously saved in your number.